Gajang Tsawa Monks World Peace Cultural Tour

The Tsawa Monks are a group from Gaden Jangtse Monastery in south India, touring the USA to raise awareness about Tibetan Buddhism and culture. 

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for people to learn about our unique Tibetan Buddhist traditions by experiencing performances of ritual ceremonies, monastic dances and arts, mandala making and teachings on Buddhist philosophies and practices.


Our tour monks are masters in various Buddhist arts, practices and scholarly trainings, chosen for their exceptional skills and expertise. We will share our vast and highly developed spiritual lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and offer the joy and wisdom of its profound heritage through our tour to the United States from June 2011 to December 2012.  

We seek to promote harmony and peace amongst all people and within each person, and to encourage the cultivation of compassion and kindness towards all living beings through the sharing with others of out ancient and vibrant Tibetan Buddhist traditions.